It is very easy to get caught up in the moment and make impulse buy and sell trades. The risk controller allows you to calculate your position size versus your total trading capital. Trade Smart. Control Risk.

Trading Account Equity :

Risk Limit per trade (% Equity):

Current Trade Type:


Input Entry Price:

Initial Stop Price:

Lot Size Round Contracts Leverage Risk Amt Risk %
10k =
100k =

Position size is given in regular sized 100k lots and in 10k "mini" lots. When the ideal position size includes fractional lots, the number of lots is rounded up and down.

Risk Controller Instructions

Input Two Risk Limits:

Risk Limit per Trade, as a percentage of your Trading Account Equity: Traders have different risk tolerances. New traders are advised to risk no more than 2% per trade, e.g. $200 for a $10,000 account. Generally this percentage is kept the same from trade to trade.

Initial Stop Price: The distance between the trade entry price and the initial stop price, expressed in pips, equals the Risk Limit per Lot. This amount can vary from trade to trade and currency to currency.

Push the "Calculate" Button

Then Risk Controller will then determine the ideal position size.


"Trading Account Equity" is the value of your trading account. Please input this amount without commas.

"Risk Limit per Trade" is the maximum you are willing to risk on a single trade. This is entered as a a percentage of your account equity.

"Risk Limit per Lot" is the number of pips at risk on this trade. It is the difference between the entry price and the initial stop loss order price, in pips, expressed as a positive number.

"Current Trade Type" Select Buy or Sell.

"Currency" Select Currency Pair for the trade.

"Input Entry Price" Input the anticipated entry price.

"Initial Stop Price" is the exit order price to place to control or "stop" a loss from growing beyond the risk limit.