Pro Charts is a powerful trading tool that can help you to make better trading decisions. To get the most out of it we strongly recommend that you acquaint yourself with its different key features and how to use them.

Premium Unique Features

6 Automated Trading Systems that generate buy, sell, and stop signals

FX-Strategy trading systems come hard-coded onto FXS Premium Pro Charts, and generate buy and sell signals based on robust technical analysis. The concepts underlying the trading signals are based on well-tested trading techniques. Self-directed traders can use FXS Systems by themselves or in combination with their own trading methods. A subscription to FX-Strategy's Premium Pro Charts includes all FXS Automated Systems.

Systems created for intra-day trading and longer term positions

FX-Strategy's built-in systems run on default timeframes from 15-Minute and 30-Minute Charts to 4-Hour and Daily Charts. Intra-day traders can use trend-following systems, range-trading and counter-trend systems. Longer-term trending systems are available for positioning and to inform the shorter-term traders of the bigger picture.

Automatically scans live price data for new trade entry and exit signals

Activating trading signals is easy with Pro Charts. Simply select a signal from the IntelliScript Organizer library and attach the signal to the currency chart of choice. The Pro Charts software will then start scanning that currency for that particularly trading signal. You know that a trading signal is properly attached when you see the signal name on the chart, under the chart toolbar. For more information, consult "Desktop IntelliScript" section of the Pro Charts Manual.

Buy & Sell Signals pop up on charts when system conditions are triggered

As soon as Pro Charts finds a trade it alerts the trader with a distinctive sound and a popup window with the system name, the type of trade, price and time. A triggered entry signal will generate a position on the chart with a circled blue up-arrow for a buy entry, a circled dark red down-arrow for a sell position. A downward pointing grey arrow is used to mark buy exits and a grey up-arrow shows exits of short positions.

There are several ways to see details of current and historical signals.

Note that various aspects of the way signals appear can be customized. For example, you can select any external sound file that you wish for different signals. The sound files can also be turned off. Traders at their desks, running several systems at once often prefer to be alerted by the popup windows alone.

Signals can automatically be emailed or sent to your cell phone

Any price alerts, crossover alerts or buy and sell signals can be sent to you via email or via text message to your cell phone. Complete details on how to do this are available within the Pro Charts Manual, under"Send Email Alert" and "Send SMS Messages to Your Cell Phone." then scroll down to the feature you wish to activate.

Backtested System Results provided in the Free Training Area

Backtested systems results on the default timeframes and currencies are provided in the writeups for each trading system. In addition, the systems do perform well in other timeframes and on other currencies. For example, the Scalper 15 systems backtests well in the 2-Hour and 4-Hour timeframes. Signals in these alternate timeframes can inform trading decisions. System backtests on these alternate timeframes will be available soon in the training area.

Traders can backtest Systems on live data to find the best market application

Run backtests on any system at any time. Select a signal from the IntelliScript Organizer library and attach it to the currency chart of choice. Right click on the chart, select “IntelliScript” and “Generate Historical Customized Alerts”. The system will then run from the first bar on the chart to the last bar, one bar at a time. Buy and sell arrows will appear where the condition defined in the script are satisfied.

Check the system performance in one of three ways depending on the level of detail you are interested in. Again, right click on the chart, highlight “IntelliScript” and then select any of the following reports:

We are proud to announce that we have revamped the Tick Back Testing Lab based on the valuable feedback provided by our loyal customers. The interface is more user friendly and the calculation performance is greatly improved.

Receive email updates of Custom Alerts tailored to current market activity

The markets are always changing and no perfect system exists to adapt to those changes. Therefore FX-Strategy reviews its strategies and systems in order to improve upon them and/or find new ways of using them to find high-probability trades. It makes such research available to Premium Pro Chart subscribers quarterly in the form of new indicator combinations and alerts that are working in the current markets.

Standard Features on both Charting Platforms

20 Proprietary Schaff and FXS Trading Indicators available only on Pro Charts

FX-Strategy Pro Charts are the ONLY charts with advanced trading indicators specifically designed for the Forex market by a professional currency trader/analyst team.

Drawing from their respective years of experience Chief Trader Doug Schaff and Senior Analyst Ian Copsey crafted a series of indicators that reflect different facets of forex market behavior. These range from trend momentum and trend direction indicators such as Schaff Trend Cycle and FXS-Trend Oscillator to trend following indicators such as FXS-Trailing Stop and FXS-Pivot Cloud, and to momentum indicators such as Schaff Trend RSI and FXS-RSI. Take a free trial of Pro Charts to see some of the Schaff & FXS Trading Indicators in action.

Some of the indicators involve an adaptive approach to looking at the length of measurement as in FXS Adaptive Moving Average while others measure price development in a different manner to bring out more powerful representations of the underlying price movement. Click here to learn how to apply about the Schaff and FXS Trading Indicators.

Includes 2 Expert Indicators that provide Commentary on Every Pricebar

Analyzing the market means looking at a wide variety of factors. Yet with fast moving markets it is often difficult to cover all elements to ensure that effective analysis is performed. The two FXS Expert Indicators automate the process, giving you real-time technical commentary on every price bar.

The Schaff TC Expert  The various elements that make up and influence the Schaff Trend Cycle require a great deal of attention. That is why Doug and Ian developed the Schaff TC Expert that automates the process and can provide excellent signals when using the STC and Trigger indicators. Learn More about the TC Expert.

The Divergence Expert identifies when price is diverging from momentum movement and is a process that can be easily overlooked. The expert automates this process and assists in identifying these divergences and when to trade the signals. Learn More about the Divergence Expert.

50+ Standard Technical Indicators; New indicators added regularly

Pro Charts offers a full compliment of standard technical indicators. And we are regularly adding more. Check the latest additions on our "What's New" page, under the "Help" command on the charts. Among the latest indicators added, as of October 2007:

Click here to learn how to apply about the Pro Chart Indicators.

Indicators can be easily combined; e.g. Apply RSI to a Moving Average

One of the most intriguing advances in Pro Charts is the ease with which indicators can be combined. One trader's favorite trend indicator is a 200-bar average on the 1-Hour Chart. Would it be useful to run a Schaff Trend Cycle ('STC') on that 200-hour average? Here is how easy it is to do. From the Indicator list select "Schaff Trend Cycle". A "Change Parameters" window pops us. Instead of "close" click on SMA(200). The result on the chart will be an STC of the SMA(200). Any of the large library of Pro Charts indicators can be combined in this way.

Set Alerts to be Triggered by Price or Indicator Movements

You can add price alerts that will pop-up when a currency moves beyond a price you specify. When the specified price is reached, the alert will sound and the pop-up window describing the alert will appear on your screen. There are two methods you can use to set price alerts. For more information open the Chart Manual and search "Price Alert".

You can also add alerts based on indicators. For example you can easily setup an alert to let you know when two different indicators have crossed. This is called a Crossover Alert. For information how to do this, open the Chart Manual and search for "Crossover Alert".

Create Customized Trading Alerts

The Pro Charts IntelliScript area is a programming feature that allows users to draft and create their own Customized Alerts and Indicators. While the IntelliScript area is designed for the advanced chartist, with some programming experience, interested beginners with no programming experience may find the Chart Manual to be a valuable resource for learning how to create trading alerts and systems.

A great way to gain confidence quickly is to start with the "Syntax Examples". The examples include alerts that are already built. Learn to apply these to charts and run backtests. If this interests you, try modifying the indicator inputs in the syntax. Save the syntax, run a backtest and see how performance results changed. Next try changing one indicator for another, and so forth. By going step by step and seeing the results on your charts you will build skills. It is another way to become familiar with Pro Charts' systems capabilities. For more information see the "Custom Alert" section of the Desktop Intelliscript area of the Chart Manual.

Alerts can automatically be sent to your email or cell phone

Any price alerts, crossover alerts or buy and sell signals can be sent to you via email or via text message to your cell phone. Complete details on how to activate these features are available in Desktop Intellscript section of the Pro Charts Manual, under "Send Email Alert" and "Send SMS Messages to Your Cell Phone."

Support/Resistance tools, from Fibonacci to automated Pivot Calculator

Pro Charts recognizes Support and Resistance ('S/R') as a powerful market concept and offers several trading tools to identify key price levels.

"Support" is generally identified on our charts in one of two ways:

"Resistance" is generally identified on our chats in one of two ways:

The Schaff Swing Indicator and Price Channels are examples of indicators that identify historical support. Our Fibonacci and Pivot Calculators, both found under the "Drawing" command on the charting toolbar, are examples of Pro Charts' tools that calculate or project Support & Resistance levels. For more information on our S/R tools access the Support & Resistance section of the website.

Fibonacci retracements are easily applied (located under the "Drawing" command as well). Under "Settings" "Options" "Fibonacci" the ratios can be customized for any percentage retracement, and can be set for Fibonacci price projections as well. See the Pro Charts Manual under "Fibonacci Lines" for more information. Other S/R tools such as Gann Lines are available. Many traders find the automated Pivot Calculator to be useful. You can apply Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly pivots to a chart by clicking "Drawing" and highlighting "Pivot Calculator".

Please keep in mind that Support & Resistance levels should never be relied upon by themselves. Rather they should be used along with indicators, signals and/or other analysis techniques as part of a trading strategy (For an example see Strategy 3: CounterTrend 1).

Two datafeeds to choose from to ensure access to live data 24 hours a day

Accurate and timely currency prices are essential to forex analysis and trading, so important that Pro Charts includes two live datafeeds. One is used as the primary datafeed and the other is a critical backup, used rarely perhaps, but our approach is that advanced preparation is essential in forex, where no one centralized exchange exits as the market's price provider. With Pro Charts' datafeed backup, your trading should not be affected by reliance upon a single data provider.

A blinking green light in the bottom right corner identifies that your connection to the datafeed is actively updating. If the light turns red, this means the chart has stopped updating. If the problem persists, switching to the backup datafeed is an easy process. Changing the datafeed is done on the Pro Charts login screen. With your mouse, under "Datafeed", simply highlight and click on the datafeed you would like to use. Click "OK" and the charts will begin using the new datafeed.