FX-Strategy Pro Charts is an advanced, interactive technical analysis trading tool. While Pro Charts offers an incredibly easy and intuitive user interface, it is worth investing time to become familiar with the rich features of this powerful trading tool.

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Key features explained

Learn about the key features of both Premium and Standard Pro Charts in order to put them to use. Pro Charts is a powerful trading tool that can help you to make better trading decisions. Each feature is explained in depth, and links for further information are given.

Indicators Descriptions

Learn about the Schaff and FXS Trading Indicators available only on Pro Charts, as well as the rich and growing number of standard indicators. Each indicator is explained in depth, and examples are shown.

System Descriptions

Learn about FX-Strategy's trading systems that come hard-coded onto Premium Pro Charts. Built for all types of traders and trading styles, these systems generate automated buy, sell and stop signals based on well-tested analysis and trading techniques.

Pro Charts Manual

The Pro Charts Manual provides a complete overview of features in Pro Charts. Pro Charts offers an incredibly easy and intuitive user interface, and yet, with the advanced its capabilities, you may often find the Pro Charts Manual to be a valuable reference tool.

Pro Charts Downloads

Download the FX-Strategy charting software here. You will need an active subscription to login and access the charts.